Repti Rapids LED Waterfall decor


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The Zoo Med Repti Rapids LED Waterfall is a dynamic decoration that enhances the appearance and function of your reptile habitat. Hand-crafted to resemble a weathered tree stump, this versatile accessory integrates seamlessly into any naturalistic terrarium. It comes equipped with a dependable pump and blue waterproof LED, and offers a range of value-adding benefits that both you and your reptiles will appreciate!
The multi-functional Repti Rapids LED Waterfall adds excitement and intrigue to any reptile habitat. Its powerful LEDs cast a brilliant glow throughout your terrarium, while the soothing sound of flowing water adds an element of tranquility to the surrounding space. The continuous water stream helps to maintain beneficial humidity levels (essential in tropical setups), and also encourages natural drinking behaviors in various reptile species (e.g. chameleons).
The Repti Rapids LED Waterfall is ready for action right out of the box. Simply fill the generous reservoir with fresh water (and water conditioner), add power, and prepare to be amazed! For added flexibility, this energy-efficient water feature includes separate power cords for its LEDs and water pump. This enables you to independently control of each function, and set individual timer schedules.

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