Sunray Bulb 50 Watt


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Closely approximates natural sunlight
Optimal levels of visible light, heat and UVA and UVB
Contributes to the animal’s overall wellbeing
Intensifies natural coloration of reptiles
Can be used as a sole light source
Facetted aluminum sleeve
Can be safely used on smaller terrariums
Fits the Exo Terra SunRay Fixture
The Exo Terra SunRay is an all-in-one bulb that combines very high light output and infrared heat radiation with optimal levels of UVA and UVB. The SunRay is available in lower wattages and can be safely used on smaller terrariums. The Exo Terra SunRay delivers a consistent spectrum, which closely approximates that of natural sunlight, contributing to the animal’s overall wellbeing. The combination of the correct UVB wavelength and heat enables the animal to produce it’s own vitamin D3 for proper calcium absorption and prevents metabolic diseases (e.g. MBD). The powerful light output and balanced UV rays stimulate appetite and breeding behavior, while improving the physiological health of reptiles. The aluminum facetted reflector produces an evenly distributed light beam. Aluminum dissipates heat very effectively, resulting in a longer lifespan and more stable operation than glass reflectors. The Exo Terra SunRay can be used as a sole light source. To obtain maximum results and safety the bulb should be used in conjunction with the Exo Terra


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