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When using Fluker’s Hot Rocks, be sure to follow these basic safety precautions:
Read ALL instructions BEFORE using your Hot Rock.
To protect against electrical hazards, DO NOT immerse cords, plug or Hot Rock itself in water or any other liquid.
ALWAYS unplug form electrical outlet when Hot Rock is not in use.
DO NOT operate your Hot Rock if cord or plug has been damaged or if the rock itself malfunctions or becomes damaged in any way. Return all malfunctioning appliances to the manufacturer for examination.
DO NOT use Fluker’s Hot Rocks for anything other than intended use.
Hot Rocks should not be used as the only source of heat for your pet. Incandescent light s provide natural radiant heat and should be used in conjunction with this product.
Research the temperature needs of your pet reptile. A proper temperature range is essential to the health and well-being of your pet.
Check the temperature on the surface of the rock regularly.
Bury hot rock in substrate to provide a more natural temperature gradient for your pet.
Be sure your pet does NOT completely cover the surface of the rock. This can lead to trapped heat and thermal burns.

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