Gecko Ledge Food / Water Earth


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“Although the MagNaturals Gecko Ledge has been designed with geckos in mind, it can be appropriately used with other wall climbing species as well. Adding climbing surfaces to your pets terrarium habitat keeps them active and is beneficial to their health and happiness. Designed to resemble Earth stone, the ledge offers a very realistic, rustic appearance that will look great in all naturalistic habitats.
The powerful magnets allow the ledge to be placed at many levels, offering the ability to easily create and recreate unique homes for your pet. MagNaturals Gecko Ledge houses two 2-ounce disposable cups that can be reused several times before having to be replaced, making it very simple to clean. Above all, this piece is very safe for all pets as it is 100% non-toxic and has been made with no glue or velcro”

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Earth, Granite, Mojave


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