Floating Basking Platform


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Floating Basking Platform

  • Exposes aquatic reptiles to helpful UV light
  • Floats naturally with water level, yet remains securely in place
  • Water friendly reptile habitat
  • Easily removable for quick soap-and-water cleaning

Provides an ideal area for basking, essential for a reptile’s absorption of heat and uv ray’s
Perfectly tailored to the basking needs of turtles, newts and aquatic frogs.  Give water-loving reptiles or amphibians an opportunity to regulate their body temperature by basking, with a platform that stays accessible at any water level. Pets swim up easily to the natural-looking river rock steps.  A suction cup system keeps the buoyant platform from floating around the tank, yet allows easy removal for tank cleaning. Clean scale and algae from the platform’s non-porous surface by scrubbing with soap and water.  Choose from three sizes for the smallest newt to the largest turtle.

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