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“Adding climbing surfaces to your pets terrarium habitat is beneficial to their health and happiness. The MagNaturals Granite Feed and Water Ledge is ideal for both arboreal and terrestrial species. The Ledge offers a natural look as well as a variety of uses and placements, giving your pets lots of areas to explore. When used at ground level the rim of the bowl helps to keep crickets at bay, and the water fresh.
The strong magnet feature boasts a lifetime force guarantee and is perfect for small to medium reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Not only does the MagNaturals Feed and Water Ledge serve a great purpose, it is very safe for your pets! It is 100% non-toxic and no glue or velcro has been used. Also, the removable bowl makes cleaning and sanitizing a breeze!”

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Earth, Granite, Mojave


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